Thursday, January 26, 2017

Showtime: 2017 Railroad Hobby Show Preview

Lots of new details have been added to the Tribute to Springfield layout.
Only 48 hours until the doors open on the 49th Annual Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show!  Despite not blogging for the last several months, work has been progressing on the Tribute to Springfield layout.  The plan is to have the layout setup at section 85 in the Young Building (same place as last year) with the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club. For those who haven't seen the layout since last Springfield, I've added lots of new details which has really made it come to life.

As usual, I'm very excited about the show and hope to see you there.  As a reminder, below are some links to official show sites if you need up to the minute information about the show.
If you are coming to the show, make sure to stop by and say hi. See you this weekend (January 28-29th, 2017) at the Railroad Hobby Show!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Layout Update Monday: Final Edition

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  Due to a (good) change in my schedule, my available hobby time is going to be shrinking.  This leaves less time to work on the layout and blog so I decided it was time to end the blog.

For the time being, I plan to leave the blog in place for folks to come back and enjoy the story of the construction of the Tribute to Springfield layout plus the history of the Railroad Hobby Show I've managed to collect.

I am still looking forward to attending the show this coming January with my club and hope to see you there.  As a reminder, below are some links to official show sites if you need up to the minute information about the show.
So thanks again for following along over the last year or so and see you next year on January 28 and 29th, 2017 at the Railroad Hobby Show!

Module Monday: The Streets of Bethlehem

The Streets of Bethlehem city module.
Over the year's I've had a chance to photograph numerous modular layouts at the Railroad Hobby Show and interview the module builders.  Here is a look back at one of these module profiles which was compiled during the 2009 Railroad Hobby Show.

Module Spotlight

Scale: HO
Size: 28"x72"
Standards: Club
Years Constructed: 2003
Features: Swamp, Beaver Dams
Era: 1950s
Club: Central New York Modelers
Owner: Bill Brown, MMR
For this week's Module Monday, we return to the Central New York Modelers and look at another one of their modules.  This month we look at the award winning "The Streets of Bethlehem" built by Bill Brown, MMR.  The module features a spectacular city scene from the 1950s complete with tremendous detail and animation.  On the module, Bill shows off his structure building ability with lots of kit, kitbashed, and scratchbuilt structures each weathered and detailed.  The module has lots of lighting with street lights, interior building lights, and flashing traffic signals.  A high line on the module is animated with a reversing circuit that allows a train to move in and out of the scene, capturing the viewers attention.

To make transportation easier, the entire back portion of the module which features the bulk of the city lifts off as a separate piece.  When the module was first constructed this allowed the city portion of the module to be placed into the home layout Bill had.

Bill has one numerous awards with the module.  The first award won was the Baldwin Award for Best in Show during the June 2003 NMRA Northeast Regional Convention held in Fishkill, NY.  In 2006, the module won the DPM Module Award for the best use of DPM City Classics structures on a module as well as the Best Module in Show at the 2006 National Train Show in Philadelphia, PA.  Of course, the module also received Best in Show in 2010 at the Railroad Hobby Show.

A repair shop on the front of the module.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Showtime: Layout Media Credits

Model Railroader Video Plus segment.
Want to see the Tribute to Springfield layout in action? During the National Train Show in Indianapolis, IN, I was fortunate to be interviewed by the Model Railroader Video Plus crew as well as TrainMasters.TV.  Cody Grivno stopped by for a discussion about the layout and the final product can be see in Part 2 of their National Train Show report. (segment starts at about the 10:30 mark at the link here.)  The layout was also covered in Part 2 of Trainmaster.TV's National Train Show coverage. (If you are a subscriber, the link is here.) My thanks to Miles Hale and Barry Silverthorn for including the layout in their show as well.

In addition, this YouTube video has a clip of the layout: NMRA 2016 National Model Train Show (starts at 31:25)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Exhibitor Thursday: Amherst Rail Store

The Amherst Railway Society Store inside the Better Living Center.

Exhibitor Spotlight

Name: Amherst Rail Store
Display Style: Tables
Type: Organization
Size: 16'x24'
Present Location: Better Living Center
Home Location: Amherst, MA
Social Media:
One of the vendors at the show is also the show's host: the Amherst Railway Society.  The organization has several tables where they have flyers and literature as well as numerous items for sale inside the Better Living Center near their HO scale Amherst Belt Lines modular layout.

At these tables, you can find all kinds of Amherst Railway Society and Railroad Hobby Show apparel - like shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, and hats.  In addition, the group has sponsored several books which can be found at these tables along with show cars in both HO and N scale.  If you are interested in joining the group, the fine folks running the table will be happy to process your application.

All of the items which are available at the show are also available online.  Visit the Amherst Railway Society store at: